"Short" Movies

Grandma's Hero (2016)

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A freshly graduated knight sets out on an epic journey to prove himself a hero. Unfortunately, his over-caring Grandma decides to join the adventure.

Top Son (2016)

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Mike Giavotella is a 30 year old Tom Cruise impersonator who still lives at home in his parents basement. He seizes an opportunity to realize his dream when he enters into a local talent competition.

The Doctor's Case (2017)

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When a diabolical English lord is murdered, Sherlock Holmes and Watson must unexpectedly exchange roles in order to solve "the perfect locked room mystery."

Atoms of Uncontrollable Silence (2016)

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Unknown. Unexplainable. The phenomenon of silence. Two scientists of different studies bare witness to an interconnection of separate events that extend beyond their realm of understanding.

Videobox (2016)

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After a video rental store is hit by lighting a mysterious chain of events occur, causing the worlds of the video cassettes within to collide.

Lightningface (2017)

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An origin story, of sorts--LIGHTNINGFACE stars Oscar Isaac as Basil Stitt, who in the aftermath of an inexplicable incident, decides to sequester himself inside his apartment, setting the stage for a profound transformation.

Our Shining Days (2017)

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Deadpool and Black Panther are back for one last ride, and this time the enemy is a whole new breed of soldier.

In a Heartbeat (2017)

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A boy has a crush on another boy that he is too shy to confess, but his heart is not so reticent.

Crying Wolf (2016)

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Crying Wolf is an action, horror film.

The White Lady (2016)

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A young couple spending a romantic evening camping beneath the stars, have just become engaged. Following their retreat to the tent they are taunted by a mysterious presence.

Bike Chick (2016)

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A gang confronts a young vagrant late at night only to be ambushed by a mysterious vigilante.

Mata Atlantica (2016)

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A young girl disappears in a forest in the heart of São Paulo, Brazil.

God: Serengeti (2017)

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Jason Cope,Sharlto Copley,

Alien: Covenant - Prologue: The Crossing (2017)

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Dr. Elizabeth Shaw repairs David on an abandoned Engineer vessel as they continue their search for humanity's creators.

1500 Words (2016)

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What would you do if you went to the doctors and discovered that you only had 1500 words left to live...

Firebase (2017)

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While fighting the Vietnam war, both sides face a new kind of threat that neither of them were prepared for.

Panty Raid (2016)

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Terror strikes as young ladies celebrate their femininity.

The Missing Hand (2016)

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An unlikely duo must decide what to do with a severed hand they find on a plot of land they intend to build on.

325 Sycamore Lane (2017)

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A short horror film based on the ghost hitchhiker urban legend.

The Creature of Stark Hills (2017)

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During a storm, a group of travelers become stranded in an abandoned cabin where a mysterious creature lures them into the woods.

Ouroboros (2016)

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Having lost the love of his life, a man confronts the only person who might offer a reprieve from his pain.

Trunk (2016)

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A woman drives around while deciding the fate of her husband's mistress locked in the trunk of the car.

Zygote (2017)

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Dakota Fanning,

Yes, God, Yes (2017)

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Fifteen-year-old Alice has always been a good Catholic, but when an innocent AOL chat turns unexpectedly racy, she finds herself suddenly obsessed with masturbating.